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Every swimmer has items that they need for themselves. These items range from PDF’s (personal floatation devices), thermal protection, teaching aids & toys, footwear and personal hygiene items. Walters Swim Supplies can furnish items to insure safety for beginning swimmers that need assistance in flotation. Walters’ carries USCG approved Life Vests and flotation devices to help aide novice swimmers. Walters’ Swim Supplies can provide masks & snorkels for the recreational snorkeling or vacationing swimmer. Walters’ can provide footwear for on the deck or beach use or for in the water use by the water aerobic exerciser. Many swimmers need nose and ear plugs or dry off towel or shampoo and conditioner to get the chlorine off the hair and body. Great companies such as Texas Recreation, Stearns, Water Gear, Malibu, Summer Solutions, Frogg Toggs, Aqua Sphere, Speedo, TYR, Finis – these are just some of Walters’ Swim Supplies sources for these great products.

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