S. R. Smith Legacy II Starting Platform

  • S.R. Smith Legacy II Starting Platform

S. R. Smith Legacy II Starting Platform

Specifications: Setback: 18″. Height off deck: 17″ to 29.5″. Footboard: 24″ x 20″. Meets FINA, NCAA, NFSHSA, USMS, USAS and competition pool rules and regulations.

Shipping Dimensions: 65 lbs. (2 boxes): 45″L x 27″W x 30″H and 25″L x 10″W x 3″H

Pricing: Email info@walterswim.com to request a price quote. Please provide as much detail as possible on your project, including ship to address and all pertinent contact information.

Product Description

The Legacy II starting platform is an economical choice for recreational or training facilities, and can be customized to fit the height over water you require. The stainless steel frame is electropolished to a high sheen, and will resist corrosion. The footboard has a sanded tread for safety.

S.R. Smith Legacy II Product Sheet